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    This flower shaped confetti contains flower seeds that grow into wildflowers. It is hand made and biodegradable so it leaves no waste. Via

    This is actually kinda perfect for outdoor weddings omg

    casually reblogging this entire tag lol whoop

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    a lot of people are burned out on emoticons but one that ill never get tired of is :> because it looks like youre being talked to by a friendly bird





    birdicons, for birds


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    Being good to each other is so important, guys.

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    I call this dish "but I don’t see how someone could become an overweight vegan?” in honor of the anon I got last night. It’s a “cheezy” baked casserole with cashew cheese, macaroni and hash browns, topped with guac with a hunk of potato bread on the side.

    I ate it for breakfast too. It was rully good.

    Hey I had a couple people ask for this recipe so here it is—super easy!

    Preheat your oven to 400 F. Boil one pan with water, and set another pan on another burner at medium heat with a little oil in the bottom. Make vegan cashew cheese—blend 1/2 cup cashews with 1 cup water, 1 tsp salt, 1 tbsp lemon juice and 1 tbsp cornstarch until thoroughly combined and blended. Then add cashew cheese sauce to the heated and oiled pan and stir until thickened.

    Your water should be boiling at this point, so add your macaroni noodles and a little bit of salt and continue to boil until noodles are soft. Now at this point you have two options: use a microwave to defrost 1/2 cup frozen hash browns (I added in a little salt and then mixed in a little olive oil once they were done de-thawing) or you can make your own hash browns by grating potatoes and then rinsing them in a colander. Either way, once your cheese is thickened and your pasta is done and drained, add everything together, mix, then plop the whole business into an oiled pan for about 15 minutes (longer if you like!) Top with salsa, guac, or just more cashew cheese! It’s the bomb and it’s so easy!

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    been fuckin around with this when i get really stressed out the past few nights

    tully has some intense scarring on his back that he is very self conscious of

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    Okay so, where I live (Canada, Newfoundland) we have the smallest ponies.


    And the biggest dogs


    Here’s a size comparison for the Newfoundland dog 

    and together

    That is a full grown dog and pony together LOOK AT THAT!
    Now if you don’t think that’s the greatest shit ever I don’t know what is!

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    So far adulthood is just going grocery shopping, realizing you didn’t plan well or logically, going grocery shopping again, repeat ad infinitum. 0/10 stars, would not recommend

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    He saw the chance, he took it.

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    standing next to sunflowers always makes me feel weak like “look at this fucking flower. this flower is taller than i am. this flower is winning and i’m losing”

    Wow you are not ready to hear about trees.

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